Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pattern Review - OOP New Look 6751

I just had to post about this dress, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly to show this great dress Libby created using OOP New Look 6751 in our 100% Japanese cotton pinwale cord Domo Grape (sold out).

It's a great pattern for those of you who prefer the high waisted dress style. Regarding the pattern, Libby says she toiled it up in calico first to make sure that the neckline didn't gape. She didn't like the look of the darts under the bust – as they were very wide they ended up quite pointy when sewn together. So when sewing the dress up in the corduroy, she eliminated the darts by gathering there instead. After making the dress up Libby was still not entirely happy as the area under the bust looked a little saggy! Intent on perfecting this pattern and having a wearable dress, Libby unpicked the bodice again (piping and all) and took some over-shaping under the old dart. It did the trick and now this altered pattern's ready to be made up again in future.

The dress neckline facing and seam under the bust is piped in lovely Mokuba piping in silver grey. This piping is also available in a range of colours.

Secondly, was to remind us that Libby turned up to work that day, in her lovely creation with mismatched boots!!!! Made even funnier, was the fact that Libby looked at herself in the mirror before leaving home and wondered if she should wear flats instead and that her son didn't notice when he gave her a lift to the station. Only realising when she sat on the train!!!!

In true gorgeous Libby style she soldiered on all day in her boots and only one customer noticed! A very funny day indeed!


  1. The part about the boots is hilarious. I once visited a friend wearing completely mismatched thongs - one brown, the other a colourful tropical design. If that wasn't enough, both thongs were lefts! I didn't even notice and I walked a whole block to her house. She pointed it out.

  2. That's very funny Bernice!!!! I once went to Hawaiian party wearing my brown Havaiana's and off course through the night kicked them off for dancing! At the end of the night I went home with one size 40 thong and one 43!!! At least it was a left and a right and they were both brown

  3. Libby you twit! Perhaps you should have made a gapping bust dress.... people would have been staring at your top rather than your boots.

  4. Firstly, a fab dress! Secondly a very cool story! I worked with a lady one who did the same thing - each shoe had quite a different heel height - but we did start work at 6am .... my husband wears odd thongs because that's the way it is ... dogs, kids - thongs never match - however I'm yet to see two left or two rights at once!


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