Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sprite A-line ponti knit dress

Georgia's back with a fab new a-line dress made up in Sprite- Ponti Knit (more stock due in Mid Nov). This fantastic stretch double knit now comes in these great new shades. Not only does it work well in jackets, skirts, pants and dresses, it also sews up like a dream.

Georgia used OOP Vogue 9237 as her block for this dress. Re pattern adjustments, the bust/back darts and back zipper were eliminated, the neckline widened and self binding used on the neckline, armhole and hem. Georgia added in a seam an inch above her waistline and added a inverted pleat above and below this seam for a little detail and extra fit. Simple!


  1. This is called Ponte Knit at Vogue Fabrics here in Chicagoland...I swear not enough sewers (and I nearly said knitters) know how seriously wonderful this double knit. I need to sew it more often myself. It wears very well...and as you've shown, there are some wonderful colors. I seriously wonder why this stuff doesn't fly off the shelves. The word double knit might scare some people. But folks, this isn't your grandma's 1970s fabric! It's soft, soft, soft!

  2. What a nice dress plus what a cute color. Totally love it!

  3. Wow, this is super cute! Love the color, the style, everything!

  4. I love that color! And the dress is so cute.


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