Thursday, January 5, 2012

Charlotte's Vogue 1207 in Dolce Purple Strike

Here's the dress Charlotte made for our Christmas Party last month, remember I didn't get around to taking photos! The pattern used was Vogue 1207 and the fabric is our printed Italian 100% Silk Jacquard Dolce Purple Strike.

Lovely sleeve detail

Due to the deep V neckline at the back, wearing a bra is a problem so instead of raising the neckline Charlotte simply added a tab across the back, to cover the bra strap. The tab also helps to keep the shoulders in place, to keep them from slipping off the shoulders due to the combination of wide neckline and deep V back! Clever solution!


  1. ahhh! The fabric looks like one of those Magic Eye things. I never COULD figure those things out. What picture am I supposed to be seeing here?

  2. Well done to Charlotte - the dress looks lovely! I have this pattern but have yet to make it because I was sure it would just slip off - I am going to try to remember that nifty idea for holding the back closed:-)


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