Friday, February 10, 2012

Advanced Style

Gotta love Advanced Style! Can't wait till this doco comes out here.


  1. Love the AS blog and can't wait to see this docu! Hope we get to see it in Europe...

  2. Wow! Those delightful old Gals have SPUNK!!! :)))) it warms my heart to see this and I'm looking forward to the doco as well!! Perhaps just what the doctor ordered today.... I was feeling old....and past it...... But great to see that style is ageless! :) and those fabulous ambassadors of Aging Stylishly!
    Thanks for sharing!! One of the things I love most about reading blogs is that you find links to so many great things you wouldn't find on your own.....
    Hope you guys are having a great stylish day!
    Loiu xx

  3. How inspiring! Thanks so much for posting on this - that we should all be so creative and brave :-)

  4. Great to see such trendy styles...Lovely viewing this post...


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