Saturday, February 25, 2012


This morning, I read an article by Amanda Hooton in The Good Weekend. Called Dark Arts (I'd link to it, but alas can't find a copy online), it refers to the 'dangerous business of craft'. It tells the tale of the author and her project, her haste, and the resulting disaster involving one needle and one finger. Say no more. But this paragraph did make me laugh...

Hands up if you've been there, done that?

Yup, guilty.


  1. I can relate ten fold to the the, sew faster and the thread on the bobbin may not run out, theory. However, that theory is false. But I, touch wood, have never sewn my finger. My daughters sewing teacher says she has seen it way too many times. Just typing it makes me feel ill.
    Lets hope I haven't jinxed myself, I think I would faint and it would end my love of sewing. I wouldn't cope with a needle through my finger and attached to my sewing machine....I'd call an ambulance. Although how would I move??? Oh the drama!!! Hahahaha

  2. I haven't sewn my own finger, but my daughter sewed my finger when I was threading her machine and the neighbours could hear the swearing!

    I'm more guilty of the scenario where the bobbin thread runs out, and I just keep sewing, hoping that the change in sound is just the machine running more smoothly than usual.

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. Hilarious! And guilty as charged for me too.

  4. LOL

    Same thing with knitting. It will last to the end of the row!

  5. Great story and I am definitely guilty. Subconsciously, I'm thinking, if I just hurry up and finish, maybe I can beat the thread. It makes no sense, lol. And I'm also guilty of sewing through my finger. The bad thing was, I was more worried about the blood on my project!

  6. Read that on Saturday too and loved it! Can totally relate to the sewing faster theory - I think we all hate it when that moment comes when thread is about to run out....

  7. I loved that article and wanted to send it to other people too but am also having trouble finding it... few articles have made me laugh so much lately!

  8. I think everyone has tried the sewing faster theory out and failed! There is nothing so frustrating as running out of thread just when you've sit down to a long, relaxing evening of sewing! Great article.


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