Saturday, February 11, 2012

Neapolitan Bespoke Tailors

O'MAST from Kid Dandy on Vimeo.

Thank you to Sue from Perth, who shared this link over on our Tessuti Fabrics page on Facebook today.

I just had to share this with everyone, it's a wonderful look into Neapolitan tailoring traditions and the skill and passion of these talented men. I'd love to be their apprentice/trainee.

My favourite quote in this 'There is no craft that you can make without passion'



  1. How inspiring! Thanks so much for posting on this - that we should all be so creative and brave :-)

  2. I love this. We have a customer in Melbourne, an old-school Italian tailor, who reminds me of every single one of these men. I'll join you on that apprenticeship thanks, though I expect they'd get very impatient with me...

  3. Wow! just amazing and yes love the piece about having a passion! I soooooo need to be more patient with sewing and do far more hand sewing!!! In a way it is a shame we aren't all taught to sew like this from the very beginning........


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