Friday, March 16, 2012

Pattern Review - Vintage Simplicity 7454

I'm still here folks! Just been busy with new stock arrivals, enjoying some fine weather (finally!) and sewing up a new dress as well as starting on a quilt project (more on that later).

As much as I would like to get into some Autumn sewing,  I'm grasping on to and enjoying the lovely sunny, hot days Sydney has been having lately. It was the perfect timing to whip up a sundress from a classic 70's Vintage Simplicity 7454 pattern I picked up at the Fabric Cave

I used this pattern to make up Flax in our Vintage Washed Linen, a beautiful heavy weight washed linen. These photos were taken after wearing the dress all day at work (and in and out of the car) in 27 degree heat, so the creasing isn't too bad. Any changes to the original 70's pattern? I shortened it of course and made the patch pockets a little smaller. The other alteration was to the pattern front and back dress pieces, these are cut on the straight, but here instead I cut them on the bias, to give the linen more fall and drape. However I really don't think it needed it at all, so the next (few!) sundress I make up in this pattern will be made up on the straight as per pattern.

My new edge stitch foot (Bernina Foot No:10) was perfect to help me with a neater topstitching on the patch pockets, cross-over straps and facing edges. That foot is my new love!

Lastly I added self loops to the back facing instead of the back ties as suggested in the pattern. Am I happy with the end result?  I'm thrilled with my new dress and see many different versions to come! 


  1. What a coincidence - having just been using the Bernina #10 foot to produce a stitched seam line on my capri pants. Have re-discovered this foot and am loving it!! Beautiful fabric and dress!!

  2. I have that pattern in my stash too!

  3. Must find this pattern somewhere. Internet search on a rampage here I come. Thank you for this post ;-)

    1. Hi Shalea, search also for this Vintage Vogue pattern its identical but the straps don't cross over at the back.

  4. Great dress! I love the pockets and the fabric is beautiful.

  5. You always make such beautiful summer dresses Colette (everything you make is gorgeous of course, I just really like your summer frocks!).

  6. Thanks Rachel, I do love wearing sundresses the most. Can't get enough of them really!

  7. Lovely dress. Managed to find pattern on Craftumi last night!

  8. I have this pattern also! I often pull it out but don't have the confidence to sew up retro patterns and put it away I am delighted to see your fabulous version!

  9. I made this dress when I was in college! I loved wearing it - it has a very flattering fit. So nice to see the pattern again!


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