Monday, June 4, 2012

Gabby Dress Pattern - now available!

Finally! The Gabby Dress pattern is ready to purchase here for AUD $6, ready to print at home on your computer.

The pattern is suitable for all sewing levels, novice to advanced and is particularly suitable in soft drapy fabrics with some body eg. medium weight cottons, and silk, rayon or polyester crepe de chines.

The pattern  comes in sizes XS, S, M and L similar to Australian sizing 8,10,12 and 14 and offered in two lengths short (as above) and longer (here). The Gabby dress above is made up in size S (size 10).

Fabric, Tear-Away Vilene, Thread
Shorter length: (112cm) - 1.75mt, 1.75mt, 1.80mt, 1.80mt
Longer length (112cm) - 2.15mt, 2.15mts, 2.20mt, 2.20mt
Shorter length (140cm) - 1.60mt, 1.60mt, 1.65mt, 1.65mt
Longer length (140cm) - 2.00mt, 2.00mt, 2.05mt, 2.05mt

Do remember to secure the neckline with vilene shields as shown on an earlier post.

Feel free to send us photos of your versions of the Gabby Dress, we'd love to see them.

NOTE: Giveaway - For anyone purchasing the pattern before June 9th, I'd like to offer one lucky reader a chance to receive a length (2.20mtrs x 130cm wide) of this Poppy Print - 100% silk crepe de chine as a giveaway. Definitely enough to make yourself a Gabby Dress in (or something else if you prefer). If you've purchased the pattern, leave me a comment below with your name and I will put you in the draw. I'll announce the giveaway recipient on June 11th.

Congratulations Madelaine! Please email your postal address to and we'll send your fabric out to you. Happy sewing!


  1. Would love to win this gorgeous fabric! I have just bought the pattern, it will be a great dress for my next holiday.

    1. Hi Robyn,
      It's a perfect summer holiday dress and super quick to make!

  2. hi, love the pattern. I've been looking forward to it
    I'm in the states and so shipping for vilene is expensive. I found water soluble vilene on the internet - is it the same product? I also found tear away stabilizer by another brand - is that preferred? thanks! I would love to avoid a gapping neckline :)

    1. Hi Katie,

      Without feeling it I'm not too sure if it's the same. I wouldn't purchase the water soluble vilene , but instead look for a non woven and non fusible tear-away vilene, one that is soft enough to tear away.
      We can post you out a sample so you can see it and feel the correct weight, there are many different weights around! Email us at with your postal details.

    2. Thanks for the description and offer to help since it sounds like a great product. I'll be contacting your shop :)

  3. Purchased the pattern, and I can't wait to make a bunch. And thanks for all your help!

  4. Yay!! I've been keeping my eyes peeled for it - bought it today and am looking forward to making it up soon!

  5. Hi Colette. I've just purchased as well. Looks so sweet. Can't wait to try the pattern...

    Marina :)

  6. Hi Colette I have just purchased the pattern to make for my 14 year old. I hope this comment works as I have never left a comment anywhere before!!


  7. Oh no! Disappointed... It only goes up to a size 14?! Why not XL? Can you post the finished garment measurements please?

    1. Hi Sew Brunswick, I'm pretty sure you don't need any bigger!

      Just measured the (L) pattern just under the arms and approx across the bust it measures 43" (110cm) and at approx 16.5" (42cm) down from under the arms and across the pattern front and back - at this point the pattern measures 160cm. The pattern is a loose fitting dress with a lovely flared side seam, in the right (weighty but soft drapey) fabric falls beautifully and is very comfy to wear.
      If you had to go to an XL you could follow the grading between M and L out again from the largest size.
      hope this helped!

    2. Thanks Colette! Extra info is greatly appreciated. Another pattern to add to the stash!

  8. Can't wait to make this dress in a million different lovely fabrics!!!! Definately my new wardrobe staple item and turn to (:

  9. I bought other patterns that were 'similar' after falling in love with yours but I'm so glad I waited and can now make this one up!

  10. Im very excited to make this. I am heading to hot sticky Japan in 2 weeks and this dress will be perfect!

  11. How exciting! I've just purchased this and the NY cape pattern. I think my winter school holiday sewing will be full and I can't wait!

  12. I visited the Melbourne store yesterday and purchased Can't wait to make a Gabby Dress out of it. Anna

  13. I love it. I've been meaning to make a style of dress like that for Winter.

  14. Hi!

    Just purchased the pattern. Will be perfect if the summer ever arrives in Stockholm... :-) Keeping warm by crossing my fingers for that gorgeous prize! ;-)


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