Sunday, September 23, 2012

A (belated) gift for my best little mate who just turned 8

Y'know, it wouldn't be a true hand-sewn birthday gift if it wasn't late. And so it was. Late, that is. Almost two months, in fact. But the way I look at it, perfect timing for spring because this shirt ain't no winter-warmer, that's for sure.

E chose the fabric - Axion Red (100% cotton, Liberty tana lawn - also available in black in Melb only) - and I chose the pattern, Burda's Button-Up Blouse with Gathers #145 (4/2012). Now let it be known that I have a very healthy collection of Burda mags and a Burda mag pattern to-do list that errs well on the excessive side. But this was the first Burda pattern I've ever seen through right to the very end. 

I'm not going to say it was a walk in the park but I will say it was totally worth the effort. I will also profusely thank my sewing teacher Vikki for guiding me through the instructions which were, um, somewhat lacking in detail. I've since learnt that this is a common issue with Burda patterns. Overall, and eventually, it came together beautifully and I'm fairly confident that if I ever made it again, it would take me half the time that this one did. The shirt has a Chesterfield (aka hidden) placket and a mandarin collar. Even though no one else can see these heart shell buttons, she knows they're there...

I made no changes other than to eliminate the collar button and buttonhole because I don't know any kid who likes to be constricted around the neck in such a way. And my kid, well she's part monkey so movement and comfort are top priority...

She's also very, very funny...

...and very, very patient. Thanks for waiting E. x


  1. She looks gorgeous - love the fabric pattern & acrobatic pose. Well done!

  2. A super model in the making. Love the shirt!

  3. I agree with Nic, it was worth the wait! It's a great blouse and looks great on E. Well done!

  4. Love this fabric and the cut of the top.

  5. Love that fabric, love the style, love the teeth. She certainly thinks it was worth the wait!

  6. She look adorable! Oh, I super like the fabric and since the fabric's available in black Ima check it out! Thanks for this post. I'd love to see you on my site.


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