Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tessuti Awards - the final hours....

As I type this there are only 16 hours and 39 minutes left before entries close for the 2012 Tessuti Awards! I know for a fact that there a more than a few people out there sewing as we speak. Today in our Melbourne store - and proving that there a some folk out there that thrive on a deadline - we sold fabric to two ladies who were planning on entering! Who doesn't love a challenge, ey? Best of luck to those who entered and to those who are in the final throes of sewing and uploading entries. All photos MUST be uploaded by 4pm AEST tomorrow. The Awards website went into overload and overdrive at closing last year, so the more time you give yourself the better.

Check out all the entries here and keep refreshing to see the latest.

Oh, and thanks again to Skiddoo for sponsoring our first prize :)


  1. I so wanted to enter this contest, but heard about it too late to order fabric and get it shipped to me! Alas! Next time though.

  2. Hi there, I'm entering from Canada and have been going by the clock on your blog, which currently tells me there are 18 hours left in the competition(it is 10pm EST Canadian time), so was planning to post in the morning, my time. It looks like we are seeing something different outside of Australia... Can you please confirm what the deadline is?

  3. Hi Elise,
    The entries close at 4pm AEST today!

  4. Hi Elise, There was a countdown timer on the Tessuti Awards from when we announced the competition.

    If you've registered and taken all your photos please email these to ken@jimmyweb.com.au asap. Ken will need to know your name and email address you registered with. If you haven't registered as yet, it will be too late.


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