Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costumes

I love it when my kids get invited to a fancy dress party. If you have the time and ability, it's a whole lot more satisfying to create your own.

These two great kids had a post Halloween/birthday party to go to recently and they fancied Flintstone costumes. For Fred's outfit, I thought that my chances of finding an orange tee was going to be near impossible but luckily I found a table at Kmart filled with men's t-shirts including the perfect orange shade for only $5.50! To create Fred's look,  I vliesoflix-ed the tie onto the t-shirt using our aqua cotton voile and the triangular spots from some scraps of Como Black Out linen (left over from these pants) and of course zig-zag cut the hem. Easy!

For Wilma's one-shouldered dress, I was lucky to find a copy of OOP Vogue 8387 (a great pattern, thank you Bernadette!). I cut the bodice pieces, making sure to finish at waist length, and adding a seam allowance to add a gathered dirndl skirt instead and zig-zag cut the hem as well. I used a cheap white poly/cotton for the dress. Not forgetting to style Wilma in her customary necklace and bracelet, I made made up her accessories using styrofoam balls bought at Spotlight.

Yabba dabba dooooo!

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