Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Want to sew AND be in with a chance to win $1000?

Hey folks! We've sourced this fabulous fabric - Gridlock - through a prominent local designer. Compostion is 21% cotton, 77% poly and 2% polyurethane. It's a tricky one to photograph but the main colour is a kind of jacaranda blue (closest to Gutermann thread #218). It's the perfect weight for dresses, pants, jackets and skirts and we want to see what YOU can do with it! Our incentive? We'll choose our favourite garment and that person will win $1000 (that's in Australian dollars).

All we want you to do is design an outfit incorporating this fabric. Make it up however you like but make it just for you! Our brief is simply to create something stylish and appropriate as day wear. Both sides of the fabric can be used and for the duration of the contest, we've reduced the price to just AUD$12/m (originally $24/m). You're also welcome to incorporate another fabric or purchased item of clothing (e.g a shirt to go with the skirt you made). You can create a garment using a commerical pattern or an original design and there are no sizing restrictions. Entry is open to local and international sewing folk alike.

Make your garment/s, take up to ten great photos, email them to us at (Subject heading: 2013 Sewing Competition entry) and we'll upload them to our Pinterest competition board. Photo guidelines are as follows: 

Please ensure you include:
    •    at least one photo of your garment/s in the design/development stage
    •    at least one photo of the close up details of your design
    •    at least one photo of the stitching/construction inside the garment.
    •    only portrait photos (not landscape) as this will show your garment at its best.

Try to ...
    •    crop the photos to 500 pixels wide, 750 pixels high.
    •    submit photos that show off your creation, at least one front, side and rear photo.
    •    photograph the outfit being worn on a real person! (ie not a dressmaker's form).
    •    have a photo or two of the dress under construction.
    •    have a photo or two of close ups of the garment/s, to show features and the quality of the     construction.
    •    take the photos in natural light

Contest closes 11:59pm AEST Wed 3rd April which gives you 6 weeks to make something fabulous and have fun in process. If you have any questions, please email them to 

Go forth, sew and all the very best of luck!

PS Just a note to say that this contest is not replacing our annual Tessuti Awards. Details of our 2013 awards will be announced shortly after the conclusion of this sewing competition.


  1. Gorgeous fabric and Fabulous competition! Especially the no size restriction! Tessuti awards so hard to enter when you don't have a single friend the right size.... :--(
    Lou xx

  2. Hi Colette, can you please give me an indication of the drape of this fabric? Is it a soft drapey jacquard or a more structured one? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rachel. It's definitely more structured than drape-y, but it's soft rather than crisp. Melbourne has stock if you want to see the actual fabric. Otherwise, the photos in the online shop should give you a better idea of how the fabric falls.

    2. Thanks Colette. I've ordered mine. This is very exciting!

  3. Just ordered my fabric, I'm in !!!
    Let's get the creative juices flowing :-)

  4. Barbara-
    i'm from the US and i need 3 or 4 yard depending on how wide this fabric is. so how wide is it.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Gridlock -
      is 125cm wide.

  5. So I have ordered my fabric and am now thinking about what to make and what the judging criteria are? Can you be more specific about the judging process?

  6. Oh Dear, there goes my NY resolution to only sew from stash this year! I love the fabric, great colour and print, thanks Tessuti!

  7. I normally buy 1 metre 5. Has the material got a pattern through it, as I normally have to get the 150 wide to make a skirt

  8. With incorporating other fabrics, can they be non-Tessuti fabrics? Just thinking of something I have in my stash that might match well with this, but it's from elsewhere.

    1. Yes, non-Tessuti fabric can be used.

  9. I am sooo excited my fabric was delivered today in Hobart.
    cant wait to start this journey.I must say the service is great delivery was so prompt. thanks tessuti

  10. By daywear do you mean something to wear to a wedding or the races. Or can it be something more casual, smart casual? I don't want to create something that means I don't stand a chance in the competition if you are seeking dressy options. However I would also like to create something which I will wear often rather than once a year.

  11. Hi sewbusylizzy,

    yes definitely make something just for you, that you can wear often and can be worn as daywear.

    Everyone stands a chance in this competition, enjoy the process!

  12. I'm busy putting in the sleeves of my jacket. a very forgiving fabric.I only meant to cut out the fabric but found I was having so much fun I kept going. Is overlocking the raw edges enough detail for the inside construction?


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