Thursday, May 23, 2013

New York Cape by Top Notch

Ahhh Winter, I can feel you coming. You make my mornings that much harder and you make my nights that much lazier. When you're around my chocolate and bread intake goes way, way up and my exercise output goes way, way down. You're kinda nice AND a pain in the arse all rolled into one. I like that I get to sew more in your company and I really love that my ugg boots are (outside of work hours that is) permanently attached to my feet when you're hanging about in your cold and frosty way. I thoroughly dig the feet heater option in my car and that gets a good workout. And I especially love that I get to bust out my New York Cape.

Not so long ago, we came across Kirsty's cape on her Top Notch blog. It's a beautiful version with some very simple modifications.

And it looks especially good with ugg boots. That's what I call 'head to toe toasty'! 

Enjoy your cape Kirsty and thanks for allowing us to share!


  1. I'm about to embark on the New York Cape with some plain red wool from my stash. I thought I might lengthen the sleeves to full-length though. I can't see the point of 3/4 sleeves in winter - I want to be warm!

  2. Hahaha, Lisa - That first paragraph is me all over! I do love that winter is perfect to bust out the layers and the capes. Cheers for the link to yet another awesome aussie blogger i'd yet to discover. :)


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