Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feature Fabric - Onyx Forest

Monica came into our Melbourne store a few weeks ago, under the pump with a fast-approaching occasion and needing fabric to make a project - stat! She told me her Mum was making her a jumpsuit and her heart was initially set on a plain white silk. After discussing the pros and cons of said fabric, we went on a little journey through the whole store and she ended up selecting this new and fabulous fabric - Onyx Forest, 54% linen, 44.5% tencel and 1.5% elastane.

Due to the tencel content, this fabric doesn't crush like a pure linen. It's light (but not see-through), soft, has a slight stretch and the print is really dynamic and absolutely perfect for such a style. Actually, if you're looking for a great non slinky, non silky fabric alternative for our Suzy Pant pattern this would be perfect.

So after seeing these pics, I'm seriously considering a leap onto that jumpsuit-wearing bandwagon. What's your take on the style? And if you're firmly in the 'yay' camp, do you have any good pattern recommendations?


  1. I love a jumpsuit! This one is just gorgeous. Do you happen to know what pattern she used or was it self drafted?


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