Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New pattern - Meet our Esther Shorts

Summer Esther made up in Shima Kuro

Meet our newest pattern - Esther! This classic, vintage-style short pattern is high waisted and features flattering side seams that sit away (and forward) from the hip. Finished with a side invisible zipper and narrow waistband, this pattern is super-simple to sew. The Esther Shorts are ideal made up in linen, cotton, wool or heavy silk.

Winter Esther made up in Remus Nero

For a winter version, you can also make them up in wool like those pictured above.

The Esther Short Pattern is now available in both hardcopy and PDF print-at-home/print copy shop versions. All sizes (AUS 6, 8,10,12,14 and 16) are included in the pattern along with sewing instruction booklet featuring colour photos.

Other suitable fabrics for our Esther Shorts pattern:


  1. Great pattern - I reckon we've got a few more weeks of shorts weather in Perth left!

  2. I just started making these up in an XL and I've hit a problem. I accidentally used too much seam allowance on the shorts, then realised and corrected it on the waistband. The shorts fit anyway so I assumed my waistband would be a little large and I would have to adjust it. Not so.

    The top of my shorts measures 97.5cm (zipper opening to zipper opening), while the waistband measures 92.5 including the underlap. I've staystitched the top of the shorts, since the fabric has some stretch, but my waistband is still nowhere near long enough. Has anyone else come across this problem?

    1. Hi Lareina,
      It sounds like your shorts have stretched at the waist even though you have stay stitched the waistline and taken the wrong seam allowance (it still can happen when using fabric with give or stretch).

      Best to refer back to your original shorts pattern (in paper) against the shorts in fabric to compare and see how much the fabric has stretched, as well as measuring the original waistband (paper pattern) against your fabric waistband. We have checked the pattern and the measurements have corresponded. Give and stretch in fabric can make a huge difference especially around the waistline.

      If your shorts fit, best to cut a new waistband to fit your new waist measurement. If there's no more fabric a contrast waistband could look great.

  3. Those shorts turned out really great! My girlfriend would love to have a pair that looks like that! Do you know where you found the material at so she can try sewing some?
    Jayden Eden | http://www.moresewforyou.com/

  4. This is a great fitting pattern, very flattering design. I've made two pairs, one in Tencel and one in linen. I added one side seam pocket and used some lace trim in the front side seams on the drapier pair. I'm not sure how Australian sizing differs from US sizing, but I must be a secret Australian because these fit perfectly! The only thing I'd wish for is a center back notch on the waistband. ;) Thanks for a fantastic pattern with lots of "customization opportunities".


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