Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Free Pattern - the Libby A-Line Skirt

Mid length Libby in Kool Kat Spot and Mandy Boat Tee top in Ebony Jersey
By now you should know that we really love releasing a new pattern. But we especially love releasing a new FREE (PDF version only) pattern! Sewing friends and readers - we're very excited to introduce you to our Libby A-line Skirt Pattern. This classic and simple a-line skirt comes in short (below), mid (above) and long lengths (see last image below) and features a side invisible zipper, back darts and waist facings. 

                          Short length Libby in stash fabric (for similar, see Protea Watch or Jaffa Watch)
This design came about because we were all-too-frequently being asked to recommend a great a-line skirt pattern. It's a perfect wardrobe staple and will swing quite happily between the seasons.  The Libby A-line Skirt is ideal made up in woven fabrics e.g. cotton, wool, linen and silk. If using a stretch woven, be sure to make fit allowances. 

Long length Libby in 100% Cotton - Blue Niwa

Libby is available in both digital PDF print-at-home/print copy shop version (free) and - for a limited time only - hard copy ($12).  


  1. oh yes. exactly what I have been looking for! thank you.

  2. Your generosity is matched by your style, dear ladies; THANK YOU! Thrilled with this, was thinking all through Mmmay that I needed a good skirt pattern, Tessuti genius!

  3. Thank you for this pattern I have wanted to try patterns from the internet and wasn't sure how it worked. So this has given me the opportunity to have a go. And so far so good
    Best wishes and when I have returned from my holiday I will coming to see the shop

  4. Another lovely pattern to look forward to sewing up. Love the Kool Kat skirt :)

  5. Oh lovely! I'm going to make a skirt using this pattern and the polka fabric I purchased from you last week. Hooray!

  6. Thanks so much for the free pattern, Tessuti!
    I'm having some issues with some pieces, though. The front facing and shield pieces don't seem to be the same size as the front piece. The top edge of the front piece is longer than both the facing and shield pieces.
    What am I doing wrong? :(

    1. Hi Lynda,

      We have just checked our pattern again in the hardcopy and print at home print out and they fit correctly. How did you get your pattern? Did you print your pattern layout at home and was it printed to scale etc. Let me know so that we can work out why yours doesn't measure correctly.

  7. Thanks Colette - everyone needs a good aline skirt pattern in their repertoire. The Niwa fabric in blue looks great made up in this pattern

  8. Thank you! Agree that A line skirts are such a staple. FYI, Officeworks printed my pattern (A0 size) for $3.99 and in 5 minutes.


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