Friday, March 13, 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee - Series 3 Finale

The bad news? In seeking out this final episode for you, I inadvertantly found out who the winner was. Thanks Google, you all-encompassing search engine you....

The good news? You can watch it here and not make the same mistake I did! Enjoy. x


  1. thank you ! I watched ep.1 after you kindly posted it. will have to find 2-5 to catch up. Thanks for reminidng me and for posting this!

    1. Hi Jenny. We've linked to all episodes on our Facebook page but you can also find them on this same YouTube account

  2. I have been watching it on u tube . The BBC seems to have realised that they should let us watch it outside the UK. They have all the episodes from all the series. It's such fun to watch.

  3. Yes, they have made them all available. I can now watch season 2!


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