An apron for the father on Father's Day

Last Christmas, I gifted the good fella with a barbecue. At that time, I had intended on making an apron to go along with it but (insert various excuse/s)...
Fast forward eight months and it's done, fortuitously, for Father's Day.

The pattern came via this Martha Stewart link and is brought to you by the clever ladies at Ink and Spindle. It's quick, easy and such a great gift. I got each of the kids to draw ("Something simple!! Something simple!!") on the pocket which I then stitched over on the machine.

I can't remember which denim I chose, but it's a midweight. The lining is our 100% cotton shirting Baby Brokeback.

Happy Father's Day Jules. I do so hope that when you wear this with jeans, your desire to don the double denim is somewhat sated.


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