New Free Pattern - the Libby A-Line Skirt

Mid length Libby in Kool Kat Spot and Mandy Boat Tee top in Ebony Jersey
By now you should know that we really love releasing a new pattern. But we especially love releasing a new FREE (PDF version only) pattern! Sewing friends and readers - we're very excited to introduce you to our Libby A-line Skirt Pattern. This classic and simple a-line skirt comes in short (below), mid (above) and long lengths (see last image below) and features a side invisible zipper, back darts and waist facings. 

                          Short length Libby in stash fabric (for similar, see Protea Watch or Jaffa Watch)
This design came about because we were all-too-frequently being asked to recommend a great a-line skirt pattern. It's a perfect wardrobe staple and will swing quite happily between the seasons.  The Libby A-line Skirt is ideal made up in woven fabrics e.g. cotton, wool, linen and silk. If using a stretch woven, be sure to make fit allowances. 

Long length Libby in 100% Cotton - Blue Niwa

Libby is available in both digital PDF print-at-home/print copy shop version (free) and - for a limited time only - hard copy ($12).

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