Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pattern Review - Vogue 8196 ...and a little bit of Vogue 2912

When Georgia walked into Tessuti wearing this beautiful blouse....there were lots of admiring gasps from staff and customers alike.... Isn't this one pretty blouse?

Everything about it is perfect! Great choice of Vogue pattern 8196 paired with Tessuti's lovely 2-tone 100% cotton embroidery anglaise in 'Blush/ Latte'. This divine fabric also comes with a matching trim in the same colour and is 12cm wide - that Georgia used for the trim around the bodice - like in View B.

This light weight cotton is embroidered all over but is more of a border design - where the heavier embroidery is along one side of the selvedge. Cleverly Georgia cut out the gathered ruffle along this part of the fabric....which makes for a lovely effect....and no hemming necessary!!!

The pattern was slightly altered as Georgia felt that the waistband needed to sit a little higher - to finish just under the bust.

The sleeves on this blouse are part Vogue 8196 ( the puffiness on the sleeve head ) and part Vogue 2912 - sleeve from view B ( the bottom half of sleeve ).

This sleeve has a seam opening - which is perfect - as Georgia added a cuff to the sleeve ( using part of the embroidered trim ). Also a bit more ease was added to the bottom of the sleeve - then gathered onto the sweet cuff then finished off with a roule loop and tiny glass button...sorry I forgot to photograph this detail!!

Here is a great image of the great job Georgia has done with the roule loops down the front of this blouse and she chose these perfect pink glass buttons from Tessuti's button range.

This lovely fabric and trim also comes in :

'Wedgewood Silver/Cream'

'Watermelon/Red '

You will see alot more of this look ... for the upcoming Spring/Summer '08/09.


  1. I love this blouse!! I cut this out a couple of days ago!

  2. This blouse is so beautiful. It's very romantic and charming!


  3. Georgia makes awesome garments! The fabric is beautiful, maybe you should open up a Tessuti here in CA!

  4. The details on this blouse are fabulous. It's definitely making me look at different ways of using that fabric.

  5. I think Colette may have to start doing mail order!

    The thing about Tessuti is cannot leave that store without buying something! When you are looking for a high quality, beautiful fabric, then Tessuti is the best place in Sydney to go to.

    Georgia's blouse is lovely. And those fabrics are devine.

  6. Thankyou for taking the time to have a look at my posts and leaving your wonderful and thoughtful comments....I love hearing from you all.

    to loopylulu...Tessuti in the US would be wonderful wouldn't it?

    to maryj... I will post swatches out to you.. anytime.

  7. This Vogue pattern has always intrigued me! It looks fabulous!

  8. I found your blog when I was searching for this pattern!!
    I LOVE your version!


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