Monday, June 2, 2008

Japanese sewing & pattern books

I popped into Kinokuniya bookstore in the CBD last week. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but headed to their 'sewing' section towards the back of the store (near the fashion magazines). I have been itching to try out these wonderful Japanese craft books and have been so inspired by all the wonderful creations out there on other blogs.

So finally this is what I decided on (Girls Style Book) was soooo hard to choose. I wanted them all!!!

I am now far better prepared with all the great advice I was given... thankyou!



  1. You won't look back once you've started sewing from them. And that dress in the last photo would look so cute made in a coloured linen.

  2. We have a Kinokuniya in Seattle, too. The sewing and craft books are overwhelming! I love that place.

  3. I'm waiting on some Japanese craft/sewing books to arrive and my mouth is almost salivating as I read your blog (in a sewing kind of way)! I have Girly Style Wardrobe and have not made anything yet, but it is very inspirational. The japanese embroidery books are exquisite too.

  4. I bought the Ladies Style Book....its translated in to finish...which was not that helpful hee hee. I haven't made any yet but when i do...lookout!!

  5. wow thank you for I found you. Do you know any where in Tasmania might have great place like yours to learn sewing on a leisure basis? thanks


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