Saturday, September 20, 2008

The cutest Japanese sewing pattern review ever!

Is this the most adorable little girl and dress?

Imogen looks a picture in this divine dress, made by her mum Cindy. The pattern used is style T (square neck dress) in this japanese sewing book made in Tessuti's Japanese cotton 'Teal Blooms' and trimmed the square neckline and pocket edge in one of our 100% cotton laces in cream.

For 2 year old Imogen , Cindy cut out the 100cm sizing and found the pattern very easy to put together. In fact, Cindy first discovered these wonderful pattern books after reading one of our earlier posts and was quick to get out to Kinokuniya bookstore to purchase them. More of Cindy's other lovely creations for sweet little Imogen coming soon...

All the instructions are in Japanese, but these books have very clear diagrams that are easy to follow . For further help, Label-free has a great glossary of translated terms plus a series of posts about working with these Japanese pattern books.

Once you have tried these books, you'll be are the contributors to the Japan Couture Addicts blog!!!


  1. Ahhhh .... these books are having much success around the world. I have seen their models in many blogs and I'm curious to see any of them. greetings, Paco

  2. awww well done cindy you've done a lovely job and Imogen looks very pleased with her new dress!

    I have one of these books and have found it so easy and simple to use
    plus the designs are always a really good fit on my lil girl


  3. Nice dress and cute little model! I was quite sceptic about these books but I think I am now starting to be convinced by the Japanese sewing too.

  4. Edit: I wanted to say "sceptical" :)

  5. So cute, and thanks for the link to Label Free! Great tutorials- I just need to get the Japanese script to show up on my computer and now I'll actually know what the patterns are telling me to do!!


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