Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pattern Review - Vogue 1088

Ever wondered about Donna Karan pattern, Vogue 1088? It's a rather stylish button-through halter dress with collar and drapey pockets. I hadn't seen this pattern made up till Belinda sent me these images recently, I knew instantly that it was Vogue 1088! The dress is ideally suited to this Italian 100% linen Khaki.

Belinda ordered this fabric over the phone, having previously requested samples be sent to her WA home. Her aim was to find a khaki fabric to make up a dress reminiscent of a uniform dress worn by her Grandmother in a much treasured photograph.

About the pattern, Belinda says:

"I found it quite difficult to fit as each panel is topstitched along the way and the bodice isn’t able to be properly fitted until the collar goes on. I cut an 8 and had to take it in quite a bit around the back and sides. The bust darts just didn’t sit right (I looked like I had a Madonna corset on) so I cut the dart upward curving it all the way to the side of the bodice, it was great then. With the skirt I made small adjustments with the panels to align the seams with the bodice, length etc was as per the pattern. The last adjustment was a piece of 6mm elastic run through the back top seam on the inside, it just made the whole bodice sit better I felt."

Lovely work Belinda.


  1. I like this pattern and it just reminded that I missed the online sale for Vogue's new belt pattern. Darn! Anyhow, this dress with those extra-deep pockets are remimiscent of the 1950s, when those kinds of pockets were last popular.

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips. I made this pattern up recently too and had to make lots of adjustments to the bodice (many of which I detailed on my blog). I really liked the tip of adding the elastic to the back to seam. I think I might need to go back and try to do this as mine still doesn't sit quite right.


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