Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Liberty Lantana in Tova

I've had a piece of wonderful *vintage Liberty Of London Lantana Cotton/Wool in my stash for over a year (or 2)! I finally found just the perfect pattern to make it up in...the Tova shirt! The Lantana 80% Cotton 20% Wool is so beautiful to wear and just perfect for this cooler change in weather.

Very happy to have this fabric made up finally!

*Fabric found at Flashback Fabric, Melbourne.


  1. Gorgeous! Great fabric and pattern combination.

    By coincidence I was cutting up some Liberty Lantana today for a dress. (the grey 'Ayse' one) I was struck by how beautiful it is- and what drape! I'm looking for more options to use this fabric!!!!

  2. It looks great Colette! I'm going to have to check out Flashback Fabrics.

  3. Perfect match of fabric and pattern, the colours are great on you too.
    I really love this pattern, hopefully she makes some more!

  4. The colour and style look absolutely fabulous on you Collette - so very pretty!!! Suzie x

  5. This print looks great on you! Bet it is just lovely to wear.

  6. I love Lantana - so lovely to wear. Your shirt is the perfect marriage of fabric and style - it looks wonderful.


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