Monday, August 15, 2011

Pattern Review - McCalls 5884 (OOP)

Here's another great project from Lynette. Aside from the style itself, what's not to love about the words 'pussy bow blouse'? The pattern is the recently OOP McCall's 5884 - View C.
Lyn made no alterations but did say that if she was to make it up again, she would take some volume out of the sleeves.

It's smart and pretty without being too girly. Her fabric choice - Jolly Rogers Green - also gives the garment just a little more edge.

Cue inner pirate, in a gloriously subtle kinda way...


  1. Love it - It looks really similar to a Burda pattern I have used here: I think mine looks fuller - especially in the back. I might prefer your pattern. I also prefer the sleeve options on yours.

    I love the pirate fabric. I think it looks better in a print than it does in the solid fabric on the pattern cover.

  2. What I am struck by, time and time again, on these pattern reviews is that most of the Tessuti community efforts look way better than the pattern packets.

    A friend told me about a very expensive frock she bought and I told her that Vogue patterns (not the designer ones) have loads of styles that would pass muster at places like Gorman.

  3. Now that is inspiring, and (bonus!) I have that pattern! I know what I'll be doing this weekend...

  4. Yes, very cute top - perfect pirates!

  5. Gorgeous top! I'm not sure I would have picked that pattern based on the pic on the front but it looks fab with the green pirate fabric!


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